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Customer Reviews

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Jamie G.
Great product

My 5 year old & 2 year old both loves these vitamins, they think it's a treat which is great for me

Nicole D.
My kids love these!

I’m so happy I found these natural and beneficial vitamins for my kids!

Kaylee R.
Focus help

I knew my son needed a vitamin supplement, but I was skeptical about how this could be any different from all the others we have tried. My 11 year old son had so much homework at the beginning of the school year and we were so overwhelmed. His focus has improved since starting first day and he has much less homework.

Bought the children ones

My kids won't take any of the local ones i have bought at health food stores where we live. My kids love these you have gained a new customer. Interested in the adults ones as well✨️😊

Mom of 2 and a tired momma!

I bought these vitamins for my son and daughter, unfortunately my son will not take them does not like the texture versus regular gummy vitamins, but I started taking his portion and it has helped tremendously in my fatigue. I also have noticed that I am not sitting down at the end of the day tired and. It playing with my children. So the kids vitamin has done wonders for me! My daughter does not fight me as much with her homework in the evenings and she is now sleeping through the night. I will be continuing this vitamin definitely.