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Customer Reviews

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Kathleen P.
Great Vitamins

I am very happy with the product, it gives my Grandson the vitamins he needs without the extra sugar and unnecessary chemicals

Pamela G.
P. Gloyd

My grandsons like the taste of these vitamins! I know they're good quality vitamins. For that, I'm thankful.

Amanda G.
First Day for the win

We all (my husband, 6year old, and myself) take First Day vitamins. They are delicious and beneficial!

Mary E.
My nails never looked so good!

My fingernails are so healthy, strong & pretty now! Being a mother that carries so many things, I will break a nail every couple months. But, I know to leave my other nails long because the broken nail will catch right back up with them! My health overall has improved. I have less fatigue. Even though the negatives of the world give me stress & fatigue these Women's vitamins really help me! I give the Teen vitamins to my 16 year old son and he takes them so willingly! He is looking great and acting positive! I hope the First Day vitamins continue forever!

Christine I.A.
Family feeling good with First Day vitamins

Great flavor in gummy form, glad I tried something new with my family.