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Tina V.
Give them a try, you won’t be sorry

These vitamins are amazing. I have 3 small boys and I don’t know how, but tantrums are almost non existent anymore. We still have them, but no ones even been to time out, they occur so seldom anymore. I would encourage anyone who is having a hard time helping their littlest get through their tantrum stages to give these a try. The difference was overnight, I’m not even joking. They love the taste and we love the results- idk how they do it but we are wholly satisfied.,

Teri B.

Kids Enrichment - 2 Pouches (Auto Renew Refill)

Stephanie C.

Kids Daily Enrichment - Refill Pouch

trudy r.

Our autistic grandson loves these vitamins! It was great to find vitamins without additives. He seems to be able to handle his emotions alot better than before. Thank you for making First Day vitamins!

Linde P.

My son really loves first day. So happy that he doesn’t fight us on taking his vitamins. Doesn’t like veggies, so first day really works for him.