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Lynette H.
First day kids vitamins

I bought these vitamins.for my grandson. We had.daily melt downs, Adjutation and temper tantrums. We.started first day vitamins and within a week I have.seen a giant difference. He's calmed, not as hyper and.can control himself.

Mindy M.
They really made a difference

Just after the first week I could really see a difference. With our 4 year old we were at multiple multiple tantrums every single day, and after the first week, we were down to maybe one if that. He was so much more agreeable and it’s like he could process his thoughts more clearly. He definitely must be deficient in a needed vitamin and these helped tremendously.

Perfect Combination

My kids are polar opposites when it comes to what they like for a vitamin. One likes chewable one likes gummies, one likes it sweet one likes it bland. This is the first vitamin I have found in 4 years they BOTH love. The gummie is a perfect consistency and a delicious taste! And to think it’s all without the added garbage kids don’t need!! I do wish they had more flavors… but I’ll take this as a win!!

Holly H.
1000% approved by my picky eater!

I have a 6yr old who is an EXTREMELY picky eater. Getting her to try new foods is next to impossible. She's in food therapy, but we haven't seen any progress. I am always trying to get her to eat anything healthy. This little won't even try candy. She does like gummies, but I had yet to find a gummy vitamin that was as yummy as it was good for her. I saw an ad for First Day. I loved what they had to offer, but didn't think she'd even try one. Well I was wrong. She absolutely loves taking her First Day vitamins! They really are a miracle! It's comforting to know she's getting so many great healthy vitamins and minerals in a tasty little treat. I also really love that there is no dye and only a tad bit of natural sugar. I can't recommend this product enough! Oh and as a bonus, they have a super helpful customer service team!

My 2 year old is OBSESSED 😍

I’ve spent the better part of last year trying to find vitamins that my kids will love. We’ve been through so many different kinds and finally found these! My son is obsessed - he actually tries to trick my husband and I by asking us separately for his daily gummies and gets mad when we have to explain to him that he’s already had them! Thank you for making nutrition so easy to provide, especially on those days when he thinks Punaluu Sweet bread is sufficient for every meal 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️